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Brother ST371HD Review

The time has come to talk about the Brother ST371HD, which is considered one of the most capable devices in its class. In this Brother ST371HD review, I will focus on this machine’s durable construction and flexible capabilities, designed to suit both novices and professional sewers. Brother positions this model as a reliable machine that can work with any kind of fabric, from the most delicate silks to heavy denim; it is therefore considered an essential tool for those who require durability and versatility in their sewing projects. Well, as usual, you and I will check these statements and look at the machine’s features, advantages, and disadvantages.

Build and design

Brother ST371HD build and design

The Brother ST371HD boasts a robust construction, with an even mix of metal and hard plastic parts that highlight longevity and stability. The practicality and durability of this machine are reflected in its sleek, intuitive design, which is not merely about aesthetics.

Important structural characteristics include a heavy-duty metal frame holding the mechanism in place, minimizing vibrations, and enabling accurate stitches at higher speeds. To be honest, I liked the ergonomic arrangement of the display and buttons. I won’t say that this composition of controls is unique, but it is simple and convenient.

Key features and performance

The Brother ST371HD has many features that increase its functionality and performance. The semi-automatic needle threader and the automatic one-step buttonhole replicate complex tasks, making them easier for beginners to perform. In the meantime, a reverse stitch lever and an automatic presser foot enable precision control, which is necessary for dealing with complex designs. By the way, I would like to note that this machine will not flinch at different fabric thicknesses: whether it is light chiffon or heavy denim, ST371HD will help make a smooth and consistent stitching.

Brother ST371HD sewing machine operates quietly and feeds the fabric smoothly, which ensures a comfortable sewing process. The stitch’s quality is perfect, with various options that allow every project to have the ideal pattern for it. The machine is easy to use for sewists of all levels because changing settings and stitches are simple.

Separately, I would like to note the ability of this model to handle heavy tasks without losing the quality and variety of stitches. The ST371HD’s design combines these potent features flawlessly, making it one of the finest options for those who want a mix of strength, flexibility, and user-friendly functions. However, in my opinion this model lacks a number of additional features to be fully considered a versatile and high-end device. This is not a critical issue, it is just a statement of fact.

What’s in the box

Brother ST371HD what's in the box

  • Sewing machine;
  • Set of needles;
  • Bobbins;
  • Foot controller;
  • Instructional DVD;
  • Manual;
  • Warranty card;
  • Accessory feet (Buttonhole, Zipper, Button sewing, Nonstick, Blind stitch, and Zigzag foot).

Pros and cons

  • Works well with different types of fabrics, ranging from fine silks to heavy denim.
  • It has a semi-automatic needle threader and a one-step buttonhole that makes the machine more accessible for beginners.
  • Runs silently and with a gentle fabric feed, providing an enjoyable sewing experience.
  • Although the machine is user-friendly, beginners may take some time to fully use it.
  • Experienced sewers might find the feature set insufficient for more advanced projects.

Key specs

  • Built-in stitches: 37.
  • Maximum stitch width: 7mm.
  • Stitch selection: dials.
  • Drop feed: yes.
  • Free arm: yes.
  • Foot pressure: no.
  • Size, inches/cm: 12.2×16.1×7.8/30.5×40.6×17.8.
  • Weight, lbs/kg: 14.3/6.3.
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