Color blocking!

We’re noticing color blocking everywhere…home-dec, the runways and casual, day-to-day street wear. We don’t think the trend is going anywhere anytime soon, especially after seeing denim in every color imaginable at The Bay this weekend.
The idea of color blocking an outfit or sewing project doesn’t have to be intimidating. It is a super fun, and unique way to show off your own personal style! If you haven’t noticed we experimented on two of our newest patterns this season, and after this little blog I hope you’ll be color blocking like a pro!

This is my best friend: The color wheel! (wow this takes me back to my college days). There’s so much theory behind it and I don’t have time for it all but, here are some basics:
1. Color block with colors  that are directly across from another on the wheel. 2 colors is a great way to start!
2. Color block with colors that form a triangle (or peace sign within the color wheel)
3. Color block with colors that are adjacent to one another (for example 3 colors that are all next to each other)

Start with 2 colors to build your confidence!  Keep colors in the same families (pastels with pastels and jewel tones with jewel tones). Keep it simple and work with solids -not prints. There are some amazing designers out there who have done great collections of solid cottons, voile, and linen blends.

So, how do you incorporate color blocking into your sewing projects? This is what we did:

Pick out your beautiful fabrics and simply cut out each pattern piece on a different colored fabric, creating a patched looking masterpiece. This is what we did with The Blazer. This is a great way to show off any particular body parts you are pleased with. Use bold colors on areas you want to pronounce and neutral colors you may want to conceal a little bit more.

You can also try piecing your fabric together before you cut out your pattern pieces, as we did for our Shift Dress. Cut strips, at the same or varying widths and sew together, making sure your fabrics all follow the same grain line. You may wish to serge your strips together and do make sure your fabrics are all pre-shrunk. This is another opportunity to  manipulate the way your body looks. Try stripping your fabric together to elongate your body, or like I said before: pronouncing and quieting different parts in different ways.

As you get more and more comfortable playing with color and the idea of blocking your outfits and sewing projects, you’ll be able to stretch all these little basic rules a little bit more. Do what your most comfortable with and have some confidence!  Always accessorize with jewelry to make your color blocked creation something special!! Now, go look through your fabric stash and your closet. You may find a few “new” outfits in there!!!

Have a colorful day, Kimberly

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  1. Posted January 17, 2013 at 1:02 pm | Permalink

    I am so excited – I purchased your v028 pattern a few years ago and promptly LOST it! But today I found it, my question…I’m kind of busty…how do I keep the front “v” from gaping?

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